Scarlet Sails
St.Petersburg, 23.06.2012
Circle of light
Laser shows, the way we do them, being an independent event or a part of light and video performances are a result of joint effort of art directors, high profile technicians, and professional management. We really are modest just with amazing results. Always.

Our equipment fleet includes all ranges of laser projectors, highly precise management systems and so-called screen solutions: translucent, smoke, and water.

Our goal is to create high quality laser shows bringing real emotions and memorable impressions.

You can go on with spending your time watching hours of various laser shows and choose something more or less standard. Alternatively you can trust us and get something overwhelming. No matter whether it is a short animation or a complex performance, synchronized with video, light and pyrotechnic effects. A party, a prom, New Year fireworks or largest event of the year Grand Opening – we can cover any format and scale.

CIRCLE OF LIGHT FESTIVALGorky Park, 28.09.2012
APEC SUMMITVladivostok, 05.09.2012
SCARLET SAILSSt.Petersburg, 23.06.2012
CIRCLE OF LIGHT Tsaritsyno reserve museum, 04.10.2013
WEDDINGFox Lodge, 08.06.2013
FAMILY, LOVE & FAITH DAYMurom, 07.07.2012
G20 SUMMITPeterhof, 05.09.2013
WEDDINGPestovo, 04.08.2012
ICON CLUB12.12.2012
Kvant RGB 6W

Best solution for small and medium-sized halls. СТ 6800 scanner allows to use it to display animation for beam shows.

Kvant RGB 14W

Full-color laser projector with a СТ 6210 high-speed scanner. Capable of displaying most complicated laser animation. Suitable for large spaces as well as for outdoor ones thanks to high-power.

Kvant RGBY 25W

The most powerful full-color laser projector in Russia to date. Ideal for beam shows on vast outdoor spaces. Additional yellow module contributes to vivid and glorious colors.

Kvant Maxim 10W

Monochrome green laser projector. Its high power makes it irreplaceable for vast outdoor spaces projects. At the same time, its in-built power control allows using this projector in small halls as well.

Cittadini RGB 8W

Color laser projector for operating in any size venues. Equipped with a СТ 6800 scanner for animation display and beam work.

Cittadini green 9W

Monochrome green laser projector. Applicable for big halls and outdoor venues.

Cittadini RGB 12W

Unique color mixing system provides a perfect combination of “white balance” and “soft” clear colors. Device power allows using it for indoor and outdoor events.


Absolutely best professional console for laser shows creation and laser projectors operation. Proper Linux-based OS provides a high-level protection from failures. Software allows creating the most complicated laser animation, providing show synchronization with musical track and external time-code. It supports network option for remote operation and combining several consoles.


Cases for laser equipment transportation.


Mirrors are set up to bring volume and visually increase the number of laser beams.



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