Rent conditioners at your event.
Everyone knows that the right atmosphere is one of the event key pillars. Though only few realize how important is the right climate. Comfort temperature and humidity are in fact as powerful as the right artists cast and professional sound level when it comes to guests’ perception. But if you believe that you cannot rule the climate, you believe wrong.

Our team is professional dealing with comfort climate in all types of the rooms, temporal structures and even open-air territories. Cooling, heating, purification, flavouring, hydration, ventilation – and this is far not the end of steps to take to let you guests breathe easily.

Our advantages:

· Effective technologies and thought through planning,

· Strict setup and dismantle schedule,

· Fair rates and coefficients for equipment rent,

· Expert and polite staff,

· Responsibility and professionalism.

We work with air though our event input is really weighty. Start working with us to feel it on your own.

Tower conditioner Electrolux EACF-24G/N3

Tower conditioners Electrolux EACF-24G/N3 combine enhanced productivity, thanks to improved electromotors and fan propellers, together with exclusive HI-Tech design captivating at a glance.

Cooling power 7,1 kW, heating power 7,7 kW, maximum air consumption 1100 cubic meter/h, noise level external/internal 44 dBA, block dimensions (H*W*D) – 1730x520x315 mm, weight 46 kg, maximum path length 15 m, refrigerant – R22, 3 years guarantee, compressor type – not inverter.

Tower conditioner Ballu MFE-60AE

Tower conditioner by BALLU provides ideal microclimate in hot weather (creating comfortable cooling) as well as in damp mid-season weather (heating the air in the room). Using secure eco-friendly materials enhances its operative performance during all its considerable operating life. The tower split-system quality is been proved by Russian and international certificates.

Cooling power 7,14kW, heating power 21,7 kW, maximum air consumption 2400 cubic meter/h, noise level external/internal 47/58 dBA, block dimensions (H*W*D) – 1900x600x35 mm, weight 65 kg, maximum path length 30 m, cooling watt consumption 6,3 kW, heating watt consumption 6,3 kW, refrigerant – R22.

Tower conditioner LG P08AH

For 2 200 m area rooms, cooling productivity 20.0 kW, cooling productivity 68200 BTU/h, heating productivity 21.1 kW, heating productivity 72000 BTU/h, heater 10 kW, cooling watt consumption 7 kW, heating watt consumption 6 kW, heater consumption 10 kW, operational current (cooling/ heating) 11.1/10 А, operational current (heater) 15.2 А, power supply 1/220-240/50 Ø/V/Hz, heater power supply 3/380-415/50 Ø/V/Hz, EER 2.86 W/W, SOR 3.52 W/W, air consumption (High/ Mid/ Low) 57/-/48 cubic meter/min, noise level (High/ Mid/ Low) )±3 62/-/59 dBA(А), dehydration 8.1 l/h, body dimensions (H*W*D) 1050x1880x495 mm, body weight 132 kg, pipe diameter (liquid) 9.52 (3/8) mm (inches), pipe diameter (gas) 19.05 (3/4) mm (inches).



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